I don’t see my work as just abstract painting but instead a series of color based installations. I am trying to explore a form of emotional architecture for the person standing in front of it. We all have our own special relationship staring into the ocean...whether from inside the water or from above. This collection seeks to connect with that human experience of memory and capturing those moments in time.
— Tu

Tu (b. Ohio, 1979) is a painter and a contemporary American filmmaker.

In his film world, Tu is highly sought out by global companies to travel the world collaborating with leading pioneers in the fashion, film and music industry. From Selena Gomez to Dr. Dre to Lebron James, Eric spends his days working with some of the most innovative visionaries of our generation. 

In between his shooting schedule, Eric is a large scale abstract painter working with elements of watercolor, Italian paper & black sand. Finishing ranges from matte to resin coated w/LED light.

The current on-going collection, Sea Dreams by Tu, is designed to feel as a color installation versus a painting. 

A modernist in a post modern art world, Tu is here to share his sea dreams with you.

Please contact the studio for private commissions. seadreamsbytu@gmail.com